You don’t need to be an expert to integrate AI in your startup

You don’t need to be an expert to integrate AI in your startup

Source: David Mytton, The Next Web

We’re used to hearing that AI and machine learning is hopelessly complex, impossible to implement quickly, and that if you want to get on board the machine learning bandwagon you’ll need to invest heavily in PhDs, specialists and expensive experts.

This way of thinking is simplistic and behind the times: machine learning is a broad set of technologies, and over the past few months and years there have been huge strides in making machine learning’s benefits much more accessible to startups, scale ups and lone developers alike.

Over the past few months I’ve spent a great deal of time investigating, learning about and iterating on a number of different machine learning technologies to take advantage of the vast quantities of time series data we have about infrastructure performance from my company’s product.

We’re collecting billions of metrics every data from hundreds of thousands of systems, all of which can be used to understand patterns and make future predictions. Read on for some easy, actionable advice on how to get started from scratch with machine learning — it’s easier than you think! Read entire article…

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