Why the difference between AI and machine learning matters

Why the difference between AI and machine learning matters

Source: Ben Dickson, TechTalks

A while ago, while browsing through the latest AI news, I stumbled upon a company that claimed to use “machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence” to collect and analyze hundreds of data touch points to improve user experience in mobile apps. On the same day, I read about another company that predicted customer behavior using “a combination of machine learning and AI” and “AI-powered predictive analytics.”

(I will not name the companies to avoid shaming them, because I believe their products solve real problems, even if they’re marketing it in a deceptive way.)

There’s much confusion surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some people refer to AI and machine learning as synonyms and use them interchangeably, while other use them as separate, parallel technologies. In many cases, the people speaking and writing about the technology don’t know the difference between AI and ML. In others, they intentionally ignore those differences to create hype and excitement for marketing and sales purposes. Read entire article…

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