Facebook Takes Another Stab at Neutralizing Fake News

Facebook Takes Another Stab at Neutralizing Fake News

Source: David Jones, Tech News World

Stung by charges that it allowed fake news stories to proliferate during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook on Thursday began rolling out broadly a feature meant to regain the trust of its members. The tool effectively will surround questionable stories with related news stories offering different perspectives — a strategy intended to help readers discern where the truth lies.

Facebook this spring began testing the Related Articles feature, offering different takes on stories fact checkers have disputed as false, including coverage of the topics by legitimate news organizations.

Facebook also has updated its machine learning technology to flag potential hoax stories and send them to third-party fact checkers, according to News Feed product manager Sara Su. Following review, additional stories may be posted showing related articles beneath the original post. Read entire article…

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