Alexa can now find and play music with over 500 ‘activity phrases’

Alexa can now find and play music with over 500 ‘activity phrases’

Source: Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Alexa’s ability to help you find the right music got a boost this week. The virtual assistant is now able to pull up music for a wide range of activities – like music to focus to, music to nap to, to run to, to meditate to, to cook to, and much more – just by asking. The feature works with Amazon’s free-with-Prime streaming service Prime Music as well as Amazon Music Unlimited – its Spotify competitor that’s designed especially with Alexa and Echo speakers in mind, as it’s able to respond to a series of voice commands that go beyond simple song requests.

At launch, Amazon Music Unlimited offered users the ability to ask Alexa for music by genre, era, mood or even by lyrics. The goal is to make playing music easier than fiddling around in an app to find something to listen to, when you’re not set on hearing a particular song or artist. Read entire article…

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